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We are, first and foremost, litigation, arbitration and insolvency lawyers. Our clients entrust us with their most complex domestic and international commercial disputes, when the stakes are at their highest and the outcome of vital importance. 

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Excellence, ethics and efficiency

This is our philosophy and our professional commitment to our clients.

Our culture of excellence is reflected in the intensity, constancy and rigour with which we approach our files, and in the value we attribute to our members’ continuing education and the perfecting of our skills.

At Woods, we are mindful of the privilege we are granted as officers of the court, and also of the duties integral to that role. Honesty, integrity and respect for the judiciary, for our colleagues and for our adversaries are all part of our culture. We firmly believe that a justice system worthy of the name demands nothing less.

Efficiency is also at the heart of our commitment. The lean and flexible structure inherent to our boutique firm favours that objective and allows us to remain highly competitive without compromising on the quality of our services. Most files – as high as the stakes may be – do not require an army of lawyers. Our clients should not have to pay for an unwieldy structure or a disproportionately large team. That being said, our firm has a size and depth that have enabled us to handle some of the country’s largest and most complex cases. 

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Satisfying our clients.

A trial or other hearing is not an end in itself. Getting winning results is.

Our mission is to meet our clients’ needs, to defend their interests with skill and integrity and to exceed their expectations. Our clients’ trust is what matters most.

We firmly believe in the importance of effective communication, and we know how to listen; developing the winning strategy requires an accurate and honest assessment of the client’s interests and needs. Together we assess the available options in order to implement those best suited to the specific circumstances.

Our clients can count on our team of formidable attorneys and legal minds to develop and implement winning strategies. 

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As diversified as the business world.

Our practice includes all manner of corporate litigation, whether for public or private corporations, including corporate liability, governance, directors’ and officers’ liability, shareholders’ or other stakeholders’ rights and remedies, as well as securities litigation. We often act in class actions, as well as in matters relating to the interpretation or performance of complex commercial agreements. We are also frequently retained in matters relating to professional liability of accountants, investment dealers, engineers, architects and other business professionals, in defective products and manufacturer’s liability, defamation, as well as construction. We also specialize in insolvency, restructuring and creditor’s rights matters.

Our members are experienced litigators, appearing before the courts in Quebec and Ontario, including the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada as well as before all national and international arbitration instances.  Our firm has depth of expertise in commercial and international investment arbitration and many of our members regularly act as arbitrators.

In addition to being members of the Quebec Bar, certain of our attorneys are admitted to the bars and law societies of other Canadian provinces and foreign jurisdictions. Many are educated in both the civil law and common law traditions, and are fluent in French, English and other languages, enabling our firm to act regularly in matters that exceed Quebec’s and Canada's  borders. 

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Privileged relationships.

Woods is privileged to count among its clients many influential companies, organizations, financial institutions, professional firms, senior executives and decision-makers across a broad range of industries.

We are proud that our colleagues from many other firms frequently recommend us to their clients when unable to act due to conflicts of interest, confident that their valued clients will be well served. It is with an acute sense of our responsibilities that we accept to represent our colleagues’ clients, when they are unable to act.

Our firm also maintains close ties with major North American and European law firms. Our network allows us to offer our clients integrated services across borders.